Art Therapy For Anxiety and Stress

At Art Therapy Guelph clients often ask for support for feeling tense and uptight. They mention they have a hard time feeling grounded and wish they could let go and live in the moment. Their worries keep them from having a good night sleep and manifest in physical problems like headaches, stomach aches, perspiration, loose stools, or heart palpitations. They report they are always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and they don't have the reserves to deal with further stress. They wish they could let go of things and relax because they are not enjoying life.

Working with an art therapist is a gentler and more creative way to do therapy. It helps when words fail. People do not need to be creative to participate in art therapy. They just must have a willingness to express themselves using art materials. My clients and I collaborate to decide which therapeutic tools and creative exercises would best suit their needs. The tools I use are all coupled with art-making like cognitive behavioural therapy, psychoanalysis, trauma counselling, female empowerment, and dream work.

When clients and I collaborate, artmaking is a very powerful and amazing tool. Things often are brought forward in their art. This helps bring issues into consciousness to be processed. Artmaking with me creates ways to better understand oneself, work through stressors and problem solve. It is grounding and can reduce feelings of anxiety. The best part about art therapy is that if you do love making art, it can be a fun type of therapy.

Heather Caruso is the art therapist of Art Therapy Guelph. She offers art therapy both in-person and online. For more information go to our website at . If you are interested in becoming a client, call  now to book a get-acquainted chat at 519 827 9237.