Artwork - with Heather Caruso at Art Therapy Guelph in Ontario.


I offer a comforting and grounding space to work through life's challenges and stressors.

I help people with negative, cycling thoughts, depression and anxiety.

Together my clients and I process their trauma and grief using art therapy.

Online art therapy and psychotherapy from the comfort of your own home.

Providing services to clients from Ontario.

One-on-one and group art therapy sessions.

I offer a free 15-minute consultation to discuss how I can help.

Sleeping mouse - with Heather Caruso at Art Therapy Guelph in Ontario.

When my clients initially came in they were fed up with constant worry, feeling uptight, depressed and overthinking. Their worries were getting the better of them. They struggled with negative thoughts and emotions. At times they felt that they were in a dark place.

They felt unable to relax and live in the moment. At the time they felt numb and panicky. Their sleep was poor and they had bad dreams.

They were emotionally disconnecting in ways, such as staying busy, to avoid their stressful thoughts. Despite this, they still felt bad because the things they were doing didn't reflect how they really wanted to live their life.

They knew what they were doing was not working for them and despite their efforts, they still were feeling the same way.

You, like they were, may be fed up and exhausted from feeling this way. 

We totally get it and like my clients, you deserve to feel better.

I help clients who suffer from depression, stress, anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, trauma and grief using art therapy.

I have also worked with clients who were diagnosed with panic attacks, PTSD, stress, grief, loss, cancer, illness and nightmares.

Are you ready for change and want more information? 

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Child Adolescent - with Heather Caruso at Art Therapy Guelph in Ontario.