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When clients connect with me, it's usually after they reflect on their life and notice they lost the sense of who they really were. They are burnt out and want to reign in stress, negative thoughts and emotions. They are ready to heal grief and trauma. They are fed up with feeling pessimistic and stressed. Each of my client's personalities, experiences and issues are unique but many suffer from anxiety, depression or PTSD. People are more than these labels because we all have an innate nature and unique experiences.

You deserve to lighten up what weighs you down. Like my clients, you may want to process life's challenges like illness, divorce, grief and loss, abuse, nightmares, and ageing. It is hard wading through things on your own. If you embrace a creative approach to improving mental and emotional wellbeing, together we can process the darkness of the past and paint a better future

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A Soft Place to Land, 2" x 2", Air Dry Clay by Heather Caruso

At Art Therapy Guelph, I offer a comforting and grounding space to work through and explore emotions, challenges and lived experiencesI use a combination of art therapy and psychotherapy. My clients take home positive coping tools and develop their voices to speak up when things conflict with their goals and core values. They learn to use intuition, creativity and self-compassion. They work towards living an authentic and wholehearted life. 

Hello, I am Heather Caruso, of Art Therapy Guelph, an Artist, Healer, Art Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). My ideal art therapy client is someone who is ready to work and commit to the process of art therapy and healing. They may enjoy engaging in arts and crafts or they may claim to not be artistic, but they embrace using art materials simply for expression. They are not hung up on the look of their work. Whilst working together, they are open to communicating their feelings and needs. They engage in suggested therapeutic exercises in-between visits and embrace their creative journey.

Heather Caruso Art Therapy Guelph

I offer one on one and group art therapy sessions. Sessions may be via Zoom or in person. For more information about me or what I offer, click below.

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