Art Therapy’s Sweet Surrender

Time and time again, my clients inspire me. We all go through things we wish we didn’t have to. At times our experiences stick to us and it’s hard to move past them. It always amazes me what art therapy can do.

When we live life, it is full of travails. We often go through something that would not wish on anyone. For example, you lose a loved one, a spouse steps out of a marriage, one is met with a negative health diagnosis, or we lose our security.

One wise therapist once said that you have an illness, you did all you can to help yourself, and you are still suffering, and “so what”. Although it sounds uncaring, what it means to me, is you did your best, now forget the rest. It is fate. Don’t cry over what would have been, burn that away in your art-making. Release it into the skies to a wise higher being. Let them take the energy of the issue and stress. Put all of your emotions and feelings into whatever shapes, textures or materials and release them into the art. Free it from your soul.

At the end of the day, people cannot control everything. Let go and surrender. Life is what it is. If you have done your best forget the rest.

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A Grateful Day, Pencil Crayons on Paper, by Heather Caruso