Art Therapy For Emotional Expression

Stressed and Blessed, Playing Around with Neurographic Art. Pencil Crayons and Markers

Creative expression with an art therapist is an excellent way to convey and release emotions and problem solve. It provides a unique way to unpack one’s feelings around troublesome experiences and emotions.  In art therapy, the client and I discuss their goals and the concerns. Then I will tailor suit artmaking directives to their needs.

The artwork shared is an example of neurographic art. The premise of this art exercise is to free flow a scribble in relation to a through, emotion or issue in mind. The scribble is then coloured in with a darker colour and the corners and smoothed out. Each space is coloured in with whatever materials and colours the client likes, such as pencil crayons, paint, pastels, crayons or markers. In this piece, I created response art to a person’s experience with an elderly parent with severe dementia. Her experience resonated with me because I also have an 85 year old parent who I often help. Although mine doesn't have dementia, there are different issues that need support. In my artwork, I added objects into the various bubbles. Doing this felt very therapeutic. I can see the hard issues facing the client but also all of the tools and traits that help offset the stress.

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