About One on One Art Therapy

Many clients prefer one-on-one art therapy because they get undivided attention, a chance for deeper exploration of themselves and freedom to speak openly. They often want to process a negative childhood or situation and work through grief and trauma. Sometimes they also want a safe space to work through stressful life situations.

Art Therapy Guelph Believe

Believe, 18" x 24", Mixed Media Collage by Heather Caruso

Most of my clients have been diagnosed with anxiety, PTSD, depression and/or bipolar. However, I don't believe a person is limited by their diagnostic label or medical diagnosis. We see each person as an individual with an inherent nature and life experiences.

In private practice, I help people's mental and emotional wellbeing using artmaking. I use a combination of art therapy and psychotherapy. A few of the psychotherapy tools we use in sessions are CBT, trauma counselling, empowerment and grounding exercises coupled with art therapy. Artmaking is always the main focus of the sessions. Occasionally, with certain clients, I bring forward things that challenge their current thoughts or actions that are not serving their values or goals.

The work we do provides opportunities to process lived experiences and reframe negative and anxious thought patterns. I offer tools that help foster hope, positivity, grounding and empowerment. Each person's individuality and values are respected. My goal is to help clients step into their authenticity and self-compassion.

Art therapy is not about the end product and creating a beautiful masterpiece. Art therapy does not require artistic talent. No one judges your art. It is simply about freedom of expression with any colours or materials you see fit. It is about being free from the expectation of making something perfect. I am there to help with materials, however, it is not an art lesson.

Typically I check in with how my client is feeling. They are not limited in what they say. In art therapy, my clients set the tone and can say anything and everything. I will ask what colours, materials and symbols may express their feelings in the art. They create their work. After the art is finished I explore what the art means to them. Often people are surprised at what comes out in the art-making. For example, there may be tears, laughter, past stories that come up and the client shares their experience to help me understand. I provide a safe place for sharing.

Each art therapy session is 50 minutes long. A one-on-one session is $160.00. During COVID our group sessions are online and some of our one on one sessions are in person or online.

People who do video conferencing art therapy sessions require a tablet, phone or computer with a camera and speakers. They also need an internet connection with our suggested app, a private, quiet area with a workspace and their art supplies handy.

Art Therapy Guelph has a basic art supply kit available for purchase, click here.

Art supplies should be pencils, pencil crayons, markers, acrylic or watercolour paints and brushes, air dry clay and or play dough, magazines, glue and scissors (for collage) and pastels. An art journal, 9 x 12 inches with thick paper is useful, however paper can be larger up to 22 x 28 inches.

If you would like more information contact me or set up a 15 minute get acquainted chat. Click below.