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Art therapy collage. Mental health through art. Art Therapy Guelph.

Believe, 18" x 24", Mixed Media Collage by Heather Caruso

You may be fed up with feeling depressed and anxious. You wish you could quiet your negative thoughts and/or work through big life changes, the past or hard times. You just want to feel like your old self again. Imagine being able to work through these issues in a gentle and creative way. I offer a safe and comforting space for art therapy sessions both one on one and in groups. I work with all ages, adults, children, and teens. Art therapy does not require artistic talent so no one judges your art. It is simply about freedom of expression using any colours or art materials you see fit.

During our sessions, creating art is the focus. The first session is an hour and a half and follow-ups are 50 minutes long. A session typically goes like this: I check in to see how you are feeling and what goals you want to address. I respect your need to work on things at your own pace, your individuality and values are respected. Once you decide what issues you want to work on, we collaborate on what direction your art will take. I may suggest a directed art exercise or free expression. I am there for support and guidance if you have questions about art materials. You chose whatever art media, colours, textures or images you wish. We work together using a combination of artful creating along with stress relief techniques, positivity, mindfulness, CBT techniques and/or trauma counselling. After the art is finished, we discuss your art and what it means to you. Often my clients are surprised at what comes out in their creation. For example, there may be tears, laughter, past stories that show up. My goal is that we use our time to help you work through and understand your life experiences and emotions. I provide opportunities for learning, creativity, personal growth and improved mental health.

A one-on-one session is $160.00. I offer in-person and online sessions. All in-person sessions respect government COVID recommendations. All art materials are supplied. If you chose to do online sessions, you require a tablet, phone or computer with a camera and speakers, a stable internet connection with our suggested app, a private, quiet area with a workspace and your art supplies handy. Art supplies should be pencils, pencil crayons, markers, acrylic or watercolour paints and brushes, air dry clay and or play dough, magazines, glue and scissors (for collage) and pastels. An art journal, 9 x 12 inches with thick paper is useful, however paper can be larger up to 22 x 28 inches.

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I offer a complimentary 15-minute chat for new clients. Here you can ask questions about your concerns, what I do and determine if my skills suit your needs. Contact me by calling 519 827 9237 or message me below: