Art Therapy Guelph Groups

Art Therapy Guelph hosts a few different art therapy groups. During COVID our groups are held online using the Zoom app. Each group has between 6 to 8 participants. Groups are limited in space.

About Art Therapy

Art therapy has deep roots in modern psychotherapy dating as far back as the '50s. Many famous psychologists have stated that artmaking is an amazing way to express oneself and that it's good for mental health and our soul. Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers all promoted art-making in their writings but the clever psychotherapist, Margaret Naumberg was the grandmother of art therapy. Way to rock Grandma Naumberg!

Heather Caruso

The facilitator is an artist, art therapist and part of the  College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. For more information, click here.

What groups are available?

Art therapy anxiety support group

This group supports people experiencing stress and anxiety using art therapy. It will focus on using creative artmaking to support your lived experiences and provide tools for positivity, empowerment, self-reflection and grounding. It will be a fun and supportive atmosphere to share and make art. For more info click here.

Embracing your wise mother crone archetype through art therapy

This group supports women over the age of 45 who want to explore the sacred feminine archetype of the wise mother or crone. It is an empowering group made up of mature women who use art to deeply explore their own feminine wisdom, lived experiences and values. The art helps guide them to embrace ways to step into their own personal crone power and authenticity.  For more information click here

Post crone archetype group

This group is for people who have experienced the four-week crone archetype group, and want to carry on with their fellow wise women doing art therapy. This group focuses more on exploring healing and empowerment. These sessions run twice per month. For more information, contact me.

Opportunities for art therapy groups

Art Therapy Guelph offers a few opportunities for certain groups to support the mental health of their employees or members in a variety of communities. It can support one's mental and emotional well-being through art therapy. For example, we have worked with people who have disabilities, cancer diagnosis, nightmares, collective covid anxiety and so on. 

What is required for video conferencing?

Participants should have a tablet, phone or computer with a camera and speakers enabled. They need a stable internet connection with the Zoom app. They need a private, quiet area with a workspace that allows for easy access to their art supplies.

What supplies are needed?

Art supplies should be pencils, pencil crayons, markers, acrylic or watercolour paints and brushes, air dry clay and or play dough, magazines, glue and scissors (for collage) and pastels. An art journal, 9 x 12 inches with thick paper is useful, however paper can be larger up to 22 x 28 inches.

We have an art supply kit available for purchase, click here  This kit contains very basic supplies and is not a required purchase.

Reach out today

If you are thinking of becoming an Art Therapy Guelph group participant, contact me