You Cannot Believe Everything You Think

All people have emotions, thoughts and feelings that are at times uncomfortable. People have an inner critic, the voice that pops in our heads to question us and create doubts. Certain situations can create stress and anxiety, and everyone wrestles with issues at one point or another. So many people seek art therapy to work through life events like grief, job loss, divorce, and stress for example. Others seek art therapy to help with deeper mental health concerns, process their childhood, negative and/or traumatic events.

People can feel stuck when they believe that they are these negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. These beliefs can affect a person's emotional well-being, relationships, and personal satisfaction. They may create limitations in one's life. For example, a person who suffered physical, emotional, or sexual abuse may incorporate messages from their abuser. They may also have created beliefs around their life events to create meaning surrounding what happened to them. People also incorporate messages from their caregivers or other significant people in their lives.

Art therapy helps people to unpack stressful situations in life and as well unhelpful thinking patterns that cause people to feel stuck. At Art Therapy Guelph, we combine various forms of psychotherapy to work through issues such as art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and/or trauma counselling. It is an excellent way to process emotions, increase self-reliance and personal understanding.

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