Exploring the Wise Mother or Crone Archetype through Art Therapy

A Group for Mature Women. Supportive. Empowering. Unique.

This group is for mature women who want to:

  • Explore the feminine psyche through art therapy.
  • Embrace the wise woman and crone archetype.
  • Tap into divine feminine wisdom.
  • Create art around cultivating an authentic life that reflects your personal values.
  • Want to move forward in a wholehearted way.
  • Support their mental health during menopause with art therapy.
  • Want to be part of a supportive group of women who create soulful artwork each week.
  • Are not afraid of using art to delve deeper into their psyche.

Crone Wise Mother Art Therapy Group. Art Therapy Guelph.
Art Therapy Guelph offers an online group for mature women who want to explore their wise mother crone archetype.

Details of the four weeks:

  • Week one, tapping into your sacred feminine and collective feminine wisdom through art therapy. Exploring Carl Jung's archetype of the crone and wise mother and what its meaning is to us and humanity.
  • Week two, reflect on your lived experiences and what built your unique soulful self and values. Using art-making to express your wise foundation, roots and the experiences that shaped you.
  • Week three, creating art around leaning into your strengths, values, beliefs and authenticity. This week, using a self-compassion lens, we honour ourselves in our artmaking.
  • Week four, artmaking around cultivating a life that embraces your wise mother archetype and speaks to your truth. Using art, we tap into unique ways to live life in a wholehearted life that reflects your personal values, innate worth and feminine power.

About Art Therapy

Art therapy has deep roots in modern psychotherapy dating as far back as the '50s. Many famous psychologists have stated that artmaking is an amazing way to express oneself and that it's good for mental health and our soul. Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers all promoted art-making in their writings but the clever psychotherapist, Margaret Naumberg was the grandmother of art therapy. Way to rock Grandma Naumberg!

Heather Caruso

The facilitator is an artist, art therapist and registered psychotherapist. For more information, click here.

What's required:

For online groups, you need the Zoom app, a stable internet connection and a private space to do art therapy.

Art materials are needed. Please note, you don't need everything on the list, but we recommend when you do art therapy, you have some materials around you that are easy to access. That way you can use what art materials you intuitively feel you need. The list is found on our art therapy kit link, see below.

We have an art therapy kit for sale. It requires a pick-up. You can also get these supplies elsewhere, minus the mask for our group. Click here.

Cost, Date and Time

This course will run four weeks in a row starting on Friday Feb 16 2024,. It is from 9 am until 11:30am.

The cost for the group is 240.00 plus HST for all four sessions.

Note: Participants who join should do so if they are committed to attending all four sessions for group flow. If you cannot commit to all four sessions, we suggest considering one on one art therapy rather than groups.

Refund policy: Workshop refunds are available with two or more weeks' notice, prior to the group start date. Missed sessions or late cancellation notices are not eligible for reimbursement.

Post Crone Archetype Group Art Therapy

There will be an opportunity for participants of the Wise Mother Archetype Group to be part of the ongoing art therapy group. This group is for women who want to continue to explore their lived experiences, emotions and feelings using art therapy. Sessions will run every other week. The next date is Friday June 23rd from 1 until 330pm, every other week for four weeks. Space is limited.

Contact Us for More Information, Space is Limited. 

Space is very limited and we do screen participants to ensure they have full disclosure on what the group entails, confidentiality and that each participant is group ready. Contact us by filling in the form below.