Art Therapy Guelph offers a basic art materials pack for those who want to do online art therapy but don't have the art materials at home. Its a convenient way to have all of the materials together.

This art therapy starters pack can be shipped out for an additional fee or picked up. The pack costs $55.00. Materials in the pack may change depending on availability. The pack includes:

  • 2 sets of paintbrushes, 7 brushes in total
  • Soft oil pastels, 25 pieces
  • Watercolour paint palette, 12 colours in total
  • Watercolour pencils, 8 in total
  • Watercolour paper, 18 sheets, A4, 8.3 by 11.7 inches
  • Pencil crayons, 12 in total
  • Charcoal pencils, 6 in total, 2 of each 6B, 4B, 2B
  • Fine tip markers, 12 in total
  • Natural modelling clay, air dry 500 grams
  • Clay modelling tools, 7 pieces
  • Paper mask, 1
  • Sketch book, 9 by 12 inch, 80 sheets, 60 lb paper

These are simple starter level art supplies that provide a great introduction to certain types of materials.

Clients who wish to buy their own supplies will find them in a number of stores. High end art supplies are not necessary for art therapy. For basic supplies, check your local department or dollar stores. For higher quality art supplies go to Wyndham Art Supplies, Curry's or Michael's for example. Please note Art Therapy Guelph is not affiliated with any art supply store.