Great Soul Finds a Way to Get Art Supplies to Those in Need, Donations Accepted

Ideas are like sparks, and when it comes to the arts, donations to GAC (Guelph Arts Council) can be the fuel that feeds the fire. Through GAC programs such as the Youth Opportunities Award (taking applications until Nov 15, 2018) our supporters allow us to help bring great ideas to reality in Guelph, and for that we say a resounding ‘thank you!’ – Guelph Arts Council

by Jane Litchfield

A strong believer in the power of art, Shera Mekhail had an idea. She knew that people who needed art supplies – like families, teachers and camp leaders – often couldn’t get their hands on the materials they wanted. Meanwhile, other people and organizations had raw materials languishing in the back of closets – or worse, going to landfills. She wanted to create an accessible hub that would bring them together. Read more