Art Therapy Anxiety Group

This group supports people experiencing stress and anxiety through art therapy. It is an excellent way to work through personal issues, thoughts and emotions in a unique way. It focuses on using creative artmaking to support participants' lived experiences. It provides tools for positivity, empowerment, self-reflection and grounding. It is a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Artwork - with Heather Caruso at Art Therapy Guelph in Ontario.

About Art Therapy: Art therapy has deep roots in modern psychotherapy dating as far back as the '50s. Many famous psychologists have stated that artmaking is an amazing way to express oneself and that it's good for mental health and our soul. Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers all promoted art-making in their writings but the clever psychotherapist, Margaret Naumberg was the grandmother of art therapy. Way to rock Grandma Naumberg!

Heather Caruso, the facilitator is an artist, art therapist and Registered Psychotherapist. For more information, click here.

The group will run twice a month. The group is in person, at our Guelph office. 

This group is for adults and space is limited to 8 participants.

Each participant is screened to determine if their eligibility for the group.

Upcoming tentative start date is: March 11th, Mar 25th, April 15th and May 6th 2022.

The fee for 4 sessions is $240.00 per person.

If you require insurance coverage, check with your insurance provider to determine if you are covered for psychotherapist consultations in Ontario.

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