Art Therapy for Grief and Loss

Grief Art Therapy

People often think of grief in relation to the death of a loved one. However, it is defined as any type of loss. Grief may result from many things like a break in a relationship, job loss, miscarriage, financial loss or illness. 

Many people think that grief is simply sadness, but other emotions may surface such as anxiety, guilt, or anger

Bereavement is grief due to death. 

Some people do not allow time for grieving and discourage emotional expressionThey may be uncomfortable with deep emotions or have certain religious or cultural values. There is no set time limit on grieving and every one is unique. People who do not have an opportunity to express their emotions surrounding grief carry it withinIt can be heavy.

Grief can be complicated depending on the situation. For example, there may be issues where the person is estranged or rejected by other family members. The death may have been traumatic or taboo in some way. Grief may be expressed differently in various religions and cultures.

Art therapy provides an opportunity for people to express their grief in a unique way. Creating art is a form of expression that does not require the use of language. It is a powerful therapy tool. People use art materials like collage, clay, paint, pastels, and a variety of shapes, textures and colours to express themselves. 

Art therapy sessions help one come to terms with their loss

It provides an opportunity to honour and remember the deceased. 

Art therapy sessions are a safe place to express deep emotions that may otherwise be difficult to share. 

It helps to make sense of one’s life now and how one envisions their life moving forward.

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