Support for Children During Divorce

     I was five years old when my mom and dad separated. I don't remember most of the details, but I know it was tough. Children find that everything changes when their parents split up. They now have two homes and don't get to be with their parents together, only one or the other. This is a difficult time to adjust, especially if you're a kid.
     Kids have many different emotions. They often don't know how to express them or understand them all. They may feel like they are on the top of a brick wall between both parents. And they hear their parents fight a lot, it can make the adjustment even harder.
     If you're a child whose parents are getting divorced, I want you to know that things will get better. A "new normal" will happen, but that will take time and may be tough to get used to.
     Art therapy can help kids work through feelings that they don't fully understand. It could be an expressive outlet as they adjust to having separated parents. It helps kids learn tools and strategies to help make life a little easier through this tough time in their life.
Ally Dunphy is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) and art therapy associate at Art Therapy Guelph. For more information contact her below.