Kids, Take a Breather

Kids here is a gentle reminder to "take a breather". Is life feeling tough,? School causing anxiety and stress? Feeling big emotions that are hard to understand? Take a breather.
Focusing on your breathing in intense moments can help to ground you in the present moment. You will become less triggered or activated by what you're feeling.
Deep and slow breathing is a simple coping tool. It tells your body to calm down because it signals our nervous system to slow down. An easy way to shift stress is to take deep breaths in for the count of four seconds and out for six seconds.
The next time you're so angry that you're seeing red, or the world around you feels like it's spiraling, try focusing on your breath. It is an easy and helpful strategy for your coping skills toolbox.
Ally Dunphy is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and an Art Therapy Associate at Art Therapy Guelph. To set up a chat to see how she can help, contact us below: