Art Therapy for Bullying

BullyingCanada reports that at least 1 in 3 teens stated they have experienced bullying at some point in their lives, and nearly 50% of parents reported having a child who has been bullied. This is an issue that is sadly very common and is a tough reality that many children have to deal with.

Bullying can happen anywhere, like in the classroom, playground, or even at home. The different types of bullying include:

> Verbal Bullying - name-calling, teasing, sharing rumours, etc.

> Social Bullying - exclusion, humiliation, crowding, etc.

> Physical Bullying - pushing, hitting, kicking, etc.

> Cyber Bullying - any virtual threats, harassment, etc.

When a kid is a victim of bullying, they may feel alone, unloved, scared or unhappy. They may be afraid or feel unstable, shameful and insecure. They may begin trying to avoid the person or the place where they are being bullied, or even become physically ill. Not only can a child become sick, but bullying can also cause negative social, emotional and psychological effects.

Bullying negatively affects everyone, including bystanders. Kids who witness the bullying are often worried that they will be the next target if they interfere. They are typically unsure of how to react in these situations and protect themselves by not intervening. Even the bully is negatively impacted! If a child learns that they can get away with violent and aggressive behaviours, they are more likely to continue into their adult interactions and relationships.

Parents of children who are being bullied are affected because they feel helpless and heartbroken for them. Some signs that your child may be the victim of bullying could include withdrawal, isolation, stomachaches, headaches, anxiety attacks, sleep troubles, exhaustion and/or nightmares.

Bullying is a topic that we can explore together in art therapy! If your child is being bullied, we can work on empowerment, conflict resolution skills, self-esteem and emotional resiliency. If your child is the bully, we can explore themes of anger, fear and healthier, safer forms of expression. If you would like to learn more about me or discuss how art therapy can help your child, please contact me: About Ally - Art Therapy Guelph

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